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Chelsea's John Terry had to go according to FA new director

The FA is finally appointing on merit as new FA director Heather Rabbatts’s believes the removal of John Terry as England captain was for the good of the game.

The businesswoman was appointed as one of two independent non-executive directors with Roger Devlin but where some might have taken a softly-softly approach while they got their feet under the table, Rabbatts had no doubt that Terry’s trial on charges of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand was adjourned until after Euro 2012, in her mind the FA’s course was obvious.

Rabbatts argued that Terry’s captaincy was untenable and even if chairman David Bernstein had any doubts about standing Terry down, Rabbatts’s counsel would have helped ease it. Rabbatts is of mixed race, born to a Jamaican mother and believes
“It is not rocket science, given who I am, that this was an issue that I would feel strongly about,” she says, in her first interview since taking the FA role.


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