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Blackpool shirt sponsor criticised by football fans

Northampton Town supporter Bob Ward and his grandson Dan lead a group of fans asking their clubs to seek sources of advertising revenue other than from Wonga.com according to the Guardian newspaper.

Football fans of 18 football clubs have aked them to stop carrying advertising by payday lender Wonga on their websites, and are encouraging the supporters of more than 60 other clubs to follow suit.

In a letter published in the Guardian today, the football fans argue that while payday lenders are not conducting illegal business, "That is only because there are at present few if any laws restricting their activities in UK. Their practices would not be allowed in most other European countries, or in most of the USA."

Ward explains "If they really wish to advertise short-term loans for their fans in these difficult financial times, then perhaps it would be better to give publicity to their local credit unions."

Blackpool and Heart of Midlothian have Wonga as shirt sponsors.

Wonga is big business with advertising spend growing from around £22,000 in 2009 to £16m in 2011, according to analysts AC Nielson MMS.




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