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What do fans think about goal-line technology?

There has long been debate about bringing in goal-line technology to accurately tell fans that the ball has crossed the line but what do the fans think?

This has further been a point of discussion in the Euro 2012 when Ukraine was defeated 1-0 by England in Donetsk on June 19, but appeared to have legitimate claims for an equaliser turned down.

The famous "goal" in the World Cup in South Africa against Germany that was so far over the line that only the referee and his assistants didn't see when Frank Lampard scored.

UEFA chief Michel Platini has reiterated his opposition to goal-line technology by stating that its introduction into football would be a “historical mistake” however FIFA under Sepp Blatter believe differently.

In recent months, FIFA and the International Football Association Board (IFAB) have conducted goal-line technology trials incorporating the Hawk-Eye and GoalRef systems. If the trials prove successful the IFAB could approve the introduction of goal-line technology at its special meeting on July 2, where a final decision on the subject is set to be made by the game’s rule-making body.

But do the fans think it would be good for the game? They have video analysis in Rugby to determine a try so should we know conclusively if a goal is scored?


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