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UK Seems unlikely to follow Australian example with booze ban in sport

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On a day when half the population is stocking up on cheap beer from the supermarkets ahead of Sunday's Euro 2012 Quarter-final clash between England and Italy the chances of a ban on alcohol advertising in UK Sport seems a very remote possiblity.

Alongside betting, alchohol is one of biggest sources of advertising revenue for the country's top sport - football and unless football led the way the sort of ban being promoted by the Australian Government is unlikely here. Drinks firms promote competitions and leagues, have numerous lucrative shirt sponsorship deals and under pin the advertising revenue on ITV and Sky for football events.

Whilst down under, he Australian Federal Government announced last week that it will give major sporting bodies money to encourage them to reject alcohol promotion it is hardly likely the cash strapped coalition here will follow suit. Even if there was a political will - which there isn't. The Government hasn't yet dealt with a pre-election pledge of tackling cheap booze in supermarkets and it seems highly unlikley to look at banning  alcohol advertising in sport.

In Australia, twelve of the nation's largest sporting organisations have opted to ditch alcohol sponsorship, including Swimming Australia, the Football Federation of Australia and Netball Australia.

Australian Sports Minister Kate Lundy says the $25 million in funding is part of the government's national binge drinking strategy.

'The government is partnering with key sporting organisations to drive a responsible drinking message, particularly with young people,' she said.

But two of Australia's biggest sporting bodies - The AFL and NRL have shunned the government initiative, by not agreeing to cut alcohol sponsorship for sporting events.


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