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Scottish football has some good news

With the Scottish Premier League (SPL) having to deal almost daily with issues on the Rangers restructuring the 12 member clubs have some good news as a new sponsorship agreement with Weatherseal confirmed as the league’s “home improvement partner”.

The partnership, approved by all 12 SPL member club at a board meeting last week, will bring an undisclosed six-figure sum 
into the Scottish game.

SPL, chief executive Neil Doncaster said that he felt that even with the problems the deal demonstrated that Scottish 
football did not deter businesses from investing.

"The SPL is focused on supporting SPL clubs financially as much as possible and I am delighted to announce a new partnership 
with Weatherseal, the first “official home improvement partner” of the SPL,” Doncaster said.

“Weatherseal have a number of innovative ideas to maximise the benefits of our partnership and we are very much looking 
forward to working together over the coming season.

“This announcement demonstrates there is a strong appetite amongst brands to be associated with the SPL.” Weatherseal 
managing director Tony Reilly said that the partnership allowed the company to invest in an area that connected with their 
customers directly.

“We are delighted to have concluded this deal with the SPL, and are very pleased to be part of Scottish football as the 
summer’s first signing,” he enthused.

“So many of our customers are huge football fans across the country and we see tremendous synergy between the vibrancy of our 

“Local communities have been good to our brand over the years and we want to give something back by supporting their teams, 
so we’ll do everything we can to help the league to improve in every sense. This is a real partnership.”


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