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Rangers may have SPL problems with new co

Rangers prospective owner ex Sheffield United boss Charles Green is currently awaiting the outcome of a company voluntary arrangement proposal to creditors, the most significant being the Inland Revenue. Should this fail the assets of the club could be transferred to new co including Rangers' share in the Scottish Premier League (SPL).

The transfer would have to be approved by the other SPL clubs but Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson believes that the clubs would not vote a Rangers 'new co' into the league as things stand.

"It wouldn't be just a simple yes or no vote, they'd have to negotiate their way back in again," said Thompson. "That might not be easy for them."

The decision over whether the new co could replace the existing Rangers in the league would be taken by the other 11 member clubs.

As well as financial problems, Rangers have been fighting footballing sanctions handed out by the Scottish FA and successfully overturned a 12-month transfer embargo at the Court of Session, with the governing body told to consider issuing a different punishment.

"I'd have my doubts whether they'd get sufficient votes to get back in," said Thompson.

"There's been a lack of remorse shown. Views have hardened.

"Taking things to a court of law hasn't helped. That's certainly hardened views of people within the game.

"Next week the CVA will be decided. Next week will be the turning point and we'll see where it goes from there."

Football fans in Scotland have widely different views and with the saga due to run on Rangers could face even more hardship should it not be resolved soon.


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