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Rangers force change in Scottish football

With failure of the Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), Rangers are destined for liquidation and a new company "newco" will then submit a bid to join the SPL in time for next season.

Once that application is received by the Scottish Premier League (SPL), clubs must wait at least 14 days before voting on the matter and receive an 8-4 majority. Failure to gain admittance to the SPL could mean Rangers "newco" will have to apply to the Scottish Football League (SFL).

“The Rangers situation has intensified the need for a resolution and, over the next few weeks, we will meet with the SPL and SFL to find a solution” said a source at the Scottish FA (SFA).

The SFA believe it is time for change and aims to push through a merger of the SPL and SFL in time for the start of the new season that will see a redistribution of revenue through the pyramid.

"We need to use the mood for change among supporters in the country to tackle the current inertia and do what is right for the game," the source told BBC Scotland.


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