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Quick Feet applauds the FA's Youth Reforms


Football News 24/7
The FA recently announced sweeping changes to youth football in the UK and Quick Feet is wholeheartedly behind them.

The plans - which follow a two-year consultation with grassroots coaches, clubs, leagues and children across the country - aim to improve the enjoyment and development of young players.

Kicking off with the 2014-2015 season, kids will play in small-sided games with goals and balls of an appropriate size, and without the pressure of playing league matches with points at stake.

"Thanks to these reforms, kids will be taught how to pass, protect and possess the ball better when under pressure: all of the skills that Quick Feet has been designed to harness among players," explained FA coach Chris McGinn.

"The result will be stronger, faster, better British footballers and this new - and ongoing - pool of talent will then be available to feed British clubs as well as the national team."

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