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Premier League Football underpins Sky appeal

We may not have agreed with the Holy Grail moving from 3pm on a Saturday but what Sky TV has done for the game cannot be underestimated provided that we use the money to strengthen the national sport of Football.

BSkyB originally paid £305m from 1992-97 for exclusive rights, meaning for the first time you could not watch Premier League football without paying BSkyB. Rupert Murdoch's executives had realised as Sky's then head of sport, David Hill, said that the only programming with an audience so loyal they would buy a Sky subscription was "football, first, second and third".

The deal helped the chase for subscriptions to the channel converting a £47m loss in 1992, to a £62m profit the following year.

Last week BSkyB and BT bought up the Premier League football rights again, for another three seasons, from 2013-16 for a recession-busting £3bn to add to the coffers of the Premier League.

In 2010-11 the BSkyB profit was reported at £1bn.

"Clearly the supporters of clubs are now paying a high price for our national game and at FTD we believe that a bigger proportion should be put back into the grass roots game or be ever lost in bigger wage packets to the elite few. Is it not time the government stepped to make a difference?" said FTD Director George Moss


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