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Newcastle fans felt backlash as Sunderland bank mega cheque

This week’s deal of the week has to be Sunderland's because no one would have expected Tullow Oil to sponsor football via their Invest in Africa initiative. The organisation will appear on Sunderland shirts and as boss Aidan Heavey said of the  deal

“I think it’s a great move for Sunderland and for ourselves.

“It’s a great continent but it’s also a continent that is football mad and this sponsorship deal will capture the imagination over there.

“Mark my words, Sunderland will be the best known club in Africa over the next few years.”

But not all deals are made in heaven as Manchester United and Newcastle United have found. US insurer AIG didn’t renew their  £57million deal with Manchester after taking a £109billion bailout in the financial crisis and Newcastle fans, whose shirts bore the Northern Rock’s name, will remember rival fans singing ‘You should have banked with the Woolwich’.

Tottenham Hotspur have partnered Mike Lynch’s software firm Autonomy, which seems odd for a non-High Street business.  Aurasma, the firm’s little-known ‘augmented reality’ app, also appeared on the strip.

Sometimes the sponsorship dovetails neatly with West Ham sponsored by Doc Martens, while in Scotland referees have the backing of Specsavers.


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