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Liverpool relocation a myth

Reds boss John Henry has hinted the club could redevelop Anfield, saying it is a "myth" that a new stadium will improve the clubs finances.

The club have looked at building a new stadium on Stanley Park but Henry says a new stadium is not vital for Liverpool's long-term future.

"A long-term myth has existed about the financial impact of a new stadium," he said in an email to theanfieldwrap.­com.

"A belief has grown that Liverpool FC must have a new stadium to compete with [Manchester] United, Arsenal and others.

"No-one has ever addressed whether or not a new stadium is rational."

The owner believes moving to Stanley Park may need to increase ticket prices and feels the best method for the club to compete financially with the Premier League's leading sides would be to increase their worldwide commercial revenue streams instead.

"New stadiums increase revenues primarily by raising ticket prices - especially premium seating," added Henry.

"While a new stadium or an expansion of Anfield is beneficial over the long term for the club, the financial impact of adding seats and amenities should be put into perspective.

"That's why I say that it is a myth that stadium issues are going to magically transform LFC's fortunes.


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