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Euro 2012 kicks off on Friday

The Euro 2012 tournament will earn UEFA at least €1.3 billion in Commercial revenue for the 16-team tournament in Poland and Ukraine.

Each game is expected to draw an average TV audience of 150 million fans worldwide.

"You can see it is mega," said David Taylor, chief executive of UEFA Events, which has contracts with 203 broadcasters. 

"Certainly, when we are talking to sponsors and others, they are interested in the wider global impact."

Competing countries will get a bigger participation fee than at the World Cup.

"We would never claim to be bigger than the World Cup," Taylor told The Associated Press in a recent interview. "But you can see in certain territories, if your own national team is doing well you get some very good numbers."

Fans' appetite for week-in, week-out drama has also made England's Premier League a cash cow with 20 clubs sharing almost 1 billion pounds in prize money last season.

UEFA will profit from Euro 2012 by at least €250 million.

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