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Rangers woes continues as old friends turn back

Last week SFA Chief Stewart Regan supported Rangers inclusion in the Scottish Football League Division One to minimise the  financial impact on Scottish Football but the new Rangers seem to have few friends after the SPL rejected their application  to stay in the top league.

Rangers FC plc entered administration in February owing up to £134m to unsecured creditors. The company will eventually be  liquidated and has been replaced by a new company run by Charles Green.

The club are now in discussions with the Scottish Football League and many Rangers supporters appearing keen for the side to  play in Division Three.

The Scottish governing bodies have until Friday to agree a package that will persuade Scottish Football League clubs to allow  Rangers into Division One.

Several SFL clubs, who will meet at Hampden for next Friday's vote but already, stated their preference for Rangers to start  in Division Three.

The notice of the special general meeting proposes "that Rangers FC shall play in the Third Division of the Scottish Football  League during Season 2012/13 unless the board shall have to its satisfaction negotiated and reached agreement with the Scottish Premier League and The Scottish Football Association on a series of measures which the board shall consider to be in  the best interests of the game...

SFL chief executive David Longmuir said

"How it is structured, how it is governed and how it is financed, whereupon the board shall be authorised to provide that  Rangers FC shall play in the First Division of the Scottish Football League during season 2012/13".

"Details of the series of measures referred to...shall be made available to the members in advance of the meeting and an  opportunity for full discussion of those measures will be given prior to the proposals being put to the meeting."

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