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Football clubs interest new buyer

The English game has seen many foreign buyers of Football Clubs and Mangrove Capital Partners, the venture capital firm that invested in Skype, is thought to be setting up an investment vehicle to buy clubs.

Mangrove aim to be the first football conglomerate to buy clubs and related businesses in media content production, retail, training and education.

It is thought to build a fund between €500 million to €1 billion.

The business model is questionable as it would hope to own a handful of clubs around Europe, but no two clubs in the same league, since this could create conflicts of interest and unlike other investments in football, the firm would look to acquire mid-tier clubs and improve their finances without the need for success on the pitch.

Mangrove is thought to see the Asia markets to have significant potential and plans to use their commercial experience to help clubs make more money through sponsorship and corporate ticket sales.

The Luxembourg-based firm hired Barcelona FC’s former vice president Marc Ingla to assist with the venture.

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