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Fans slam Team GB ticket prices

Football News 24/7
There's no doubt accordng to postings on FTD earlier that fans in the North East are slammng the prices for Friday's friendly between Team GB and Brazil. Here are a couple of vaid observations;

.......I have 4 kids and they would love to go, i'm getting earache all day from them.
I simply can't afford it !!
Now i'm the big bad dad who hasn't got nearly £600 for us all.
I don't think the stadium is going to be bursting at the seems ?
If they made the tickets about £20 each it would be full of supporters making more atmosphere.

 .......think it is good for the area as far has revenue is concerned. BUT,
people are forgetting it is not a very affluent area and the cost at almost a ticket £100 is absolutely ridiculous.
If the tickets were a fairer price more less off families could go and take their children !!
Shame on you

With prices higher than the average league prices at the Riverside it is a big ask to fill a 30,000 seater stadium for a friendly which is at best a warm up for the competition proper. Come kick-off we will know exactly how the fans felt - let's hope it's a good turn out.


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