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Stoke City plan gets fans support

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Stoke City recently announced they would be setting up a Supporters Council. Chief Executive Tony Scholes said last week.

'A glowing feature of the success  which this football club has achieved over the past few years has been the tremendous sense of togetherness which we enjoy with our supporters.

'The fans have played a big part in getting us to where we are today and it is just as important that they do so in the future.

'I am very excited about the creation of the Supporters Council in that it will provide a good forum for discussion and debate between the club and our fans and hopefully make them feel even more a part of what we are trying to achieve.'

The response to the idea seems to have been well received by Stoke City fans if the message boards are anything to go by.

'A democratic council, with a structure and agenda, with representation from every fan sector and the backing of the club!!! As a lifelong fan, a season ticket holder and a woman who loves her club its fantastic and long overdue.

Once the council is elected they will become the voice of their sector. It is then up to the fans to make this work, use their elected voice to chair their council meetings. Feedback can then be fed back into the supporters.'

Was typical of the posts on the Oatcake one of the most used Stoke Forums.

With elections due later this year interested fans can apply for three different levels of membership of the new council. Full details at http://­www.­stokecityfc.­com

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