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Manchester City needs to strengthen to win Premier League

Sunday's game against Spurs will have had the City backers reaching for their cheque books. The game could have gone either way and while the luck was with the home side it is not surprising the club has been linked with the Welsh wizard Gareth Bale whose world class strike levelled the game.

Spurs have reportable put a £150 million price tag on their prize assets but to make his point about Manchester City wealth of the Abu Dhabi owners, Harry Redknapp told reporters at the Chigwell training ground prior to the game.

"I'd fancy you to manage them," he said. "You'd have a chance, wouldn't you?"

He was not joking according to the Independent article. Redknapp reportedly devoted the next 10 minutes to reducing the manager's craft to one thing in particular, being able to sign good players. What was the core of City's rise to prominence?

"It is not rocket science, this game," Redknapp said. "Good players give you a chance. If you have not got good players you don't have a chance, I don't care who you are. I might be knocking my own job or whatever but if I have not got Gareth Bale, I am not half as clever."

Clearly Manchester City have the bank balance to buy the Premier League and Bale would be first name on any Premier League team sheet.


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