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Is Alan Pardew a lone voice calling for a winter break?

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Newcastle boss Alan Pardew has urged the football authorities to take another look at the Christmas schedule to help clubs and England. The Magpies played their fifth game in 19 days when they beat Manchester United on Wednesday night and face Blackburn in the FA Cup third round on Saturday, and Pardew believes that is perhaps one fixture too many.

He said: "The thing that the FA and the Premier League must be wary of is that players playing with fatigue can get injured, and this is what happens.

"We get to these tournaments and the end of the year and we are missing key players, and that's why the schedule has to be looked at now and again.

"The Christmas schedule, probably for the Premier League, is a game too far and maybe moving one of those to later in January or February would be beneficial for everybody in my opinion."

Pardew has hardly been knocked off his feet by other managers rushing to agree.

The problem for the top sides with a 'Winter Break', is that their already packed schedules courtesy of European competition would be concentrated over an even shorter period. The danger for those calling for a break is that the big clubs agree and get there by suggesting a reduction in the Premier League fixtures and number of clubs.

The Premier League clubs have large enough squads in most cases to fight on more than one front. But from this we can take it that Newcastle might not field the same side that beat Manchester United.





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