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IOG go virtual in new learning platform

The Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG) has announced IOG Campus as its new uprated and upgraded virtual learning environment (VLE) training and education programme to replace its previously-used online system for turf maintenance and management qualifications.

Being completely re-written and updated, and provided on a new operating platform, IOG Campus is easier to access, understand and use, and quicker and more efficient than its predecessor, and it allows students to learn and qualify ‘remotely’ from home, in the workplace or at specialised training centres.

IOG Campus currently offers a range of online training courses, in particular QCF Levels 2 and 3 in Sports Turf Maintenance & Management, and all IOG short courses are now being added. In addition, totally video-based training courses will also be offered, and this exciting new VLE system will be used by the IOG to underpin its highly successful Apprenticeships programme, using an E-portfolio system.

IOG Campus is available via a password-protected portal (www.­icampus.­ac/­iog) to provide students with, for example, IOG facilitators/­mentors and discussion groups as well as full access to learning resource information in an easy-to-use manner “never available before”, according to Ian Lacy, the IOG’s Head of Professional Services.

He continues: “The IOG is the only organisation in the groundscare industry that provides a holistic training and education programme that guides students through the complete range of skills and knowledge required for turf management and maintenance.”

“Now, with our new IOG Campus virtual learning environment, we are taking the accessibility and ease of use of online learning one step further – improving what we already had, which regularly gained plaudits from around the world, and creating a system that means students can access and use learning materials in an easy-to-follow way and with minimal clicks of the mouse! ”

Ian adds: “We now have a range of international students accessing VLE from countries such as Denmark, Finland, South Africa, Spain and Zimbabwe, as well as many UK-based students.”

The flexibility of IOG Campus allows groundscare students to undergo IOG training course to achieve a qualification remotely.

Other grounds professions likely to be main users of the new programme include:
[] Local authorities - the demise of training following CCT has highlighted the need for qualified staff;
[] Individuals who find it difficult or inappropriate to attend college, especially those employed in a small business;
[] Colleges and other training organisations;
[] Community and volunteer organisations wanting trained and qualified staff for specific sports pitches (especially as a requirement of a funding bid);
[] Students on an amenity horticulture/­similar course with optional or compulsory turf units.

IOG Chief Executive, Geoff Webb, comments: The IOG continues to push the boundaries of education and training. IOG Campus has limitless potential both domestically and inter­nati­onally, provided in a fresh and modern way using the flexibility that online learning provides in the modern-day workplace.”

AGT-Web’s Adrian Thompson, who jointly designed and developed the system in conjunction with the IOG, comments: “Learning online should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our primary focus has always been to think of our users by considering how they will interact with all aspects of IOG Campus. Indeed, a successful learning platform is one that is intuitive to use. We encourage you to give it a try and let us know what you think!”

[] Register now for IOG Campus at www.­icampus.­ac/­iog


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