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FA Cup Final to take centre stage

The FA Cup is the central focus of the game in England and the FA and Premier League are in talks to prevent the final clashing with league games as it did last season.

Manchester United secured the Premiership title and three other top-flight fixtures were played on the day Manchester City won the FA Cup.

Alex Horne explained, "We're talking to the Premier League about whether there's a way to create a Saturday when the FA Cup can stand on its own.

"We have a situation with international player release, and particularly, in 2013 when the UEFA Champions League final is to be played at Wembley, where we know it can't be the last game of the season.

"It won't be the last Saturday of the season but I think we can achieve a situation where it's on its own on a Saturday and I think it's important it's given that space".

The 2012 FA Cup final is currently scheduled to occur on Saturday, May 5th.

It is time the game listened to the fans as this prestigious competition is the focal point for the English hame.


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