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Ex Manchester United star Eric Cantona for president

Eric Cantona's career has always been the subject of interest from football star to actor and now politician.

Cantona has written to France's elected mayors seeking 500 signatures needed to stand for the 2012 presidential vote, according to Liberation newspaper.

He states raising the profile of poor quality housing his is main goal but who knows could the Ex Manchester star end up running the country?

His letter describes himself as an "engaged citizen", speaking up for millions of forgotten families.

Referring to both his high level of sporting achievement and his "artistic activities", Eric Cantona, 45, told the paper he could have become involved in a variety of causes: "If I've chosen housing, it's because I think it's essential and affects 10 million people."

Nicknamed "King Eric" by United supporters in the 1990s after moving from Leeds United could it be "President Eric" in the future?


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