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West Ham's ground move back on

The saga of the Olympic Stadium rumbles on with West Ham reported last week as going cool on the idea of becoming tenants after the games

West Ham United Vice Chairman Karen Bready refutes this in the Independent.

"I wouldn't be dragging my body to all the meetings, or reading through a 900-page document every night, if we weren't still committed," says Karren Brady when interviewed.

Brady is clearly disappointed that having spent two years to become the preferred bidder for the Olympic stadium the rules have changed.

The deal to sell the stadium by Olympic Park Legacy Committee was abandoned in favour of a tenancy agreement last October following legal challenges by Tottenham Hotspur and Leyton Orient. The stadium will now remain in public ownership after the Olympics, to be rented out from 2014 to the successful bidder.

"We do genuinely believe that we could make the stadium a success, both in terms of our physical presence, and encouraging football supporters to become involved in other sports," she said.

"We passionately believe that it was built for athletics, and should have an athletics legacy. But obviously, the deal has to be right for us in terms of giving up here. We already have a stadium, we could have 48,000 seats if we redevelop parts of it, there's a hotel, a football atmosphere..."

The layout of the running track and the structural changes needed to convert the stadium to a football venue has been well documented but at the end of the day the deal has to right for both parties.


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