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Physiological Measurements Ltd Distribute Precision Hydration into Professional Football

Physiological Measurements Ltd (PML) has been chosen as the sole provider of Precision Hydration into professional football.

The importance of making sure that players are optimally hydrated is extremely important in football to ensure that training and match day performance is maintained to the highest level. Making sure that players are drinking the right amount of fluid is vital, but also making sure that the correct amounts of electrolytes lost through sweating are also replaced too is likewise significant!

Sodium is the key electrolyte lost in sweat but there is up to an 8 fold difference between individual player’s sweat rates which means that making sure that each player has their own specific sports drink is not only difficult to obtain but also key! Without replacing a player’s sodium loss they are more prone to cramping, fatigue and mental exhaustion which will all limit performance.

Unlike most other sports drinks which contain either no sodium or a fixed amount of sodium, Precision Hydration can accurately test the sodium loss incurred through sweating by using a quick test and then can prescribe the player with one their H2PRO drinks which is specific to their needs. Testing is quick, easy and can be performed at your training ground with test results and drinks given on the very same day, making Precision Hydration the most effective hydration management system on the market.

If you would like to learn more about Precision Hydration or would like to arrange for your player’s to be tested, then please visit our website www.­pmlthelab.­com or email us at thelab@pml.tel.


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