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Mike Bassett new England manager - Spurs 5 - Newcastle 0

Whatever you think of the "men in suits" at the FA one thing is for sure they have to be accountable to the football word for paying a reported £6m per year to Fabio Capello.

Harry Redknapp is proud of his heritage in the football game and his CV will not have been done any harm by the demolition of Newcastle on Saturday 5-0. Football is about passion and the will to win as Gary Neville so ably put at half time in the Manchester United v Liverpool Sky game and while the antics before and after the game by the foreign players has to be questionable, how many times have English players done battle during the 90 minutes and not shaken the opposition hand afterwards?

Coming back to the England job, that time-honoured national ritual, the dethronement of an England football manager and the hunt for his successor, was proceeding according to tradition at Wembley this week. At the press conference, four suited men from the Football Association sat stern-faced, offered footballing platitudes, “100 per cent support” , “look at all the options”, “all about winning matches” – in front of a very large number of photographers and journalists.

The best chairman in football sit in the background and get on with the job, you have to think that Daniel Levy at Spurs works with and not against his managers and you can see the results. Let’s hope the FA don't read the press hype but select the next manager on football credentials because it's a long time since 1966!!!!!

The England job is a once in a life time opportunity and while all Spurs fans would hope Redknapp turns his back should the FA come calling, he is probably the only man who can heal our game by playing the English way. Sorry Mr Levy.


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