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Largescale redundancies at Pompey


Football News 24/7
In a statement on the club's official website, joint administrator Trevor Birch revealed the financial meltdown at Fratton Park 'is more serious than many people had expected' and added the club could run of of money within the next couple of months.

Birch said: 'We have had no choice but to take the difficult decision to make a number of redundancies across all levels and departments within Portsmouth Football Club.

'Additionally, we are asking certain employees to defer wages on an ongoing basis and are asking several members of staff to move from a full-time to a part-time role.

'These measures are painful for everyone involved with the club, but they are essential for Portsmouth's survival, which is our main objective.

'They are in no way a reflection of the performance of the club's hard-working staff, who have remained loyal and supportive throughout this difficult time.

'Our initial analysis of the club's financial position has revealed that the situation is more serious than many people had expected.'

The statement continued: 'We have been brought in to try to rescue a business with significant financial problems. To put it bluntly, Portsmouth Football Club has a Premier League cost base but only Championship income. This is not a sustainable situation and one that needs to be addressed urgently if the club is to continue to exist.

'As things stand, there is a serious risk that the club could run out of cash within the next couple of months. I recognise that this is not the news that anyone wants to hear but burying our heads in the sand will not help anyone.

'Today's (Weds) redundancies will make a difference to the club's financial position but there are sure to be further challenges ahead of us. Portsmouth's survival depends on us being able to find a buyer for the club before the money runs out.'

It is understood CEO David Lampitt may be one of those leaving but that is not yet officially confirmed.



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