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It's not cricket Manchester United

Manchester United has opened its first training school in India as it develops its fan base in the country.

A brand new natural grass pitch, donated by football's world governing body Fifa, has already been laid out at the at Mumbai's footballing hub and Manchester United have chosen to open their first football school in India.

'Why cricket-mad India?'

Manchester United has brought the club to its global fan base and they believe they might be the answer to India's appalling standard in international football.

Alastair Fernandes is one of the nearly 300 trainees at Manchester United's school in Mumbai, launched last month.

A trainee has to cough up £162 for a course of 10 sessions.

The high fee prices out working-class children, so not surprisingly, most trainees are urban middle- or upper-middle-class boys and girls.

But no one is complaining, as the demand for quality training is high in the city. There are hardly any football academies of international standards.


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