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Arsenal have secret weapon in Champions League return against AC Milan

Arsenal fans will hope the new game produced by Champion League sponsors Heineken will lift the players after the 4-0 loss in the San Siro and 2-0 loss in the Stadium of Light in the FA Cup.

As the slogan says "Heineken...­Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach"

Heineken Champions Planet has incorporated the brand’s innovative interactive digital game, StarPlayer, in a demo room on the first floor. The game will offer the users the chance to further enhance their UEFA Champions League viewing experience by trying to anticipate what will happen next in a particular game in order to score points.

During the AC Milan and Arsenal match at the San Siro stadium in Milan on Wednesday, several visitors were engaged with the explosive tie demonstrating their anticipatory skills by scoring and losing points in the process.

The programme was run in Nigeria last Wednesday, but perhaps the Gunners fans may decide to play the game at the Emirates Stadium on the 6th March unless Arsenal score a couple of early goals.


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