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Highly Anticipated Goal-Line Technology Debut

Goal-line technology has been hailed as a “kind of revolution” by FIFA, as chosen systems set to make their entrance as the 2012 Club World Cup commences in Japan tonight.

After the International Football Association Board (IFAB) gave the green light to the introduction of goal-line technology in July, by approving the Hawk-Eye camera based system and GoalRef, the projects will be given their most high-profile test to date at the Club World Cup venues in Toyota and Yokohama. However the referee will still have the final say!

“There is not argumentation from the referee against technology because technology is support for the referee at the end of the day,” explains Thomas Pellkofer, goal referee’s operations manager.

The decision to finally go ahead with goal line technology was prompted by the 2010 World Cup controversy, when England midfielder Frank Lampard's goal was disallowed against Germany. Nevertheless, arguably the most infamous incident was when Geoff Hurst was awarded a goal in the 1966 World Cup final - to help England to the title.

FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke stressed the need for the systems to be proved accurate. “It needs to be the most accurate system we can have at the moment,” he said. “There can be no mistakes with this and that is why the IFAB took two years to make sure the system was perfect.” After analysing test results from the Club World Cup, FIFA will choose which system to implement for Brazil’s six Confederations Cup venues by the end of March.

Hawk-Eye Managing Director Steve Carter echoed Valcke’s comments that FIFA’s goal-line technology efforts must be validated by an error-free testing process. “The important thing is for the technologies to perform as well as possible and there are no mistakes,” he told Reuters. “Obviously the worst scenario you can have is if the technology isn’t that accurate is the TV broadcast cameras proving that the answer’s wrong.”

So, Auckland City will play their part in history tonight and they would dearly like to celebrate that with a win.



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