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FA Cup; MK Dons v AFC Wimbledon -


Football News 24/7
The televised FA Cup tie on Sunday between MK Dons and AFC Wimbledon is a story in itself. And even nearly ten years after MK Dons were formed and in effect took Wimbledon's place in the Football League the move still causes deep divisions.

So much so that The Football Association has spoken to officials at MK Dons and AFC Wimbledon urging both teams to show restraint in Sunday's first-ever game between the clubs.

The teams have shared a rivalry since AFC were formed 10 years ago in response to MK Dons - formerly Wimbledon - moving to Milton Keynes

"They've asked us not to incite and if you score to be respectful," said MK Dons captain Dean Lewington.

"Basically don't do anything stupid."

Up to 3,000 AFC Wimbledon fans are expected to make the trip to a club many believe should never have been allowed to exist. Although a small, but significant number of away fans are staying away as a protest.

MK were formed in 2004, two years after an FA panel gave the green light for Pete Winkelman to move the old Wimbledon FC to Milton Keynes, a decision which provoked fans into setting up AFC Wimbledon as a breakaway club.

One man who won't be there though is  AFC Wimbledon chief executive Erik Samuelson. He said he will not be going to the match and that the club have not accepted any complimentary tickets.

"I'm not going, although I'm not the only member not going. It [the thought of going] leaves a knot in my stomach - I can't face it to be blunt," he told BBC London.

"I won't be watching it either. I'll probably go to see my granddaughter, take her to the swings and switch my phone off."

With the strongest police and security presence ever seen at Stadium MK due on Sunday, MK boss Karl Robinson has asked his players to act sensibly.

"If we score we're going to celebrate," he said. "If there's a tackle to be won we want to win it.

"Rivalries are great if people conduct themselves in the right way. Rivalries are terrible if you start going down the route of violence and unnecessary chanting.'



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