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Will Standard Chartered dilemma effect Liverpool's ability to bring in new players?

American owned Liverpool face a dilemma should main sponsor Standard Charter Bank not clear their name and face having their  US banking licence revoked.

Brands in football rely on corporate image and owner John W Henry is fully aware of the impact of sponsorship on the club's finances. Newcastle weathered the impact of the Northern Rock failure but in a new era for the Reds under Brendan Rogers finances are key to strengthening his squad.

The mood of optimism at Anfield will wane if there is a lack of new signings.
Us regulators have labelled the bank as a "rogue institution" accusing them of breaking financial sanctions against Iran and conspiring to launder at least $250bn over almost a decade.
The sponsorship that Standard Chartered puts into the club is reported to be around £20m a year.
Liverpool fans are fiercely proud of the Red's heritage and its political identity. They are unlikely to take kindly to it being closely linked to the scandal if it is proved that the bank breached sanctions against Iran.
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