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Sunderland do 'seven figure' deal in Asia

Sunderland have reported a co-marketing partnership with Team Korea worth 'seven-figure', according to the Sunderland Echo, over 18 months.

The Black Cats’ logo will appear on the sailing team’s yacht throughout the upcoming America’s Cup World Series.

Team Korea are one of eight teams competing in the 2012/13 America's Cup World Series and the Team Korea logos will also appear inside the Stadium of Light during Premier League games.

Mike Farnan, Sunderland's international and national marketing director, said of the partnership with Team Korea “is another huge step forward for the club” as it continues to increase “awareness across continents”.

Dong Young Kim, chief executive of Team Korea, echoed Farnan’s comments: “This is a great opportunity for both partners to expand their reach to a wider audience offering a more attractive opportunity for prospective sponsors.”

Sunderland continues to develop their Asian fan base and have recently returned from a pre-season tour in South Korea.


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