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Olympics may be over but Lancashire firm are gold winners in the community stakes

The final ceremony may have ended at the Olympic stadium but the legacy lives on as one Lancashire law firm take the lead in carrying on the ethos of the games.

Forbes Solicitors are passionate about football in the Lancashire region and sport in general and the Partners and staff firmly believe that as a large employer in the area the firm has a responsibility to work in partnership with the community.

The firm’s CSR strategy supports projects which aim to:
“encourage social cohesion, reduction of crime and disorder and generally improve the well-being of young people in communities in which we have offices”.

This strategy is principally achieved through sponsoring and supporting football and sporting projects in the whole of Lancashire that help enhance the community.  The firm is totally committed to grassroots football in Lancashire and has again increased its support of the game over the last year.  The work we undertake directly supports the FAs National Game Strategy leading to:

• improved health for children
• improved social cohesion and
• improved standards of behaviour

Specifically we are involved with –

East Lancs Football Alliance – The firm started sponsoring the Blackburn and Darwen Junior League 8 years ago.  Three years ago it amalgamated with another local league to double its size and become the East Lancs Football Alliance.  Forbes worked in partnership with the East Lancs Football Alliance and Blackburn Rovers Community Trust to launch the Sportsmanship Awards which recognise the teams in the league that play in a sporting manner.

Mid Lancs Colts Junior Football League & Central Lancs Junior Football League - The firm became a secondary sponsor of these leagues in the 2008 season and took over the main sponsorship in 2011 when, due to the economic climate, their current main sponsor could no longer fund the leagues.  

Preston United – Preston United is a Youth Development Programme in Preston which the firm became involved with in 2008.  The programme primarily uses football as a means to tackle child poverty, social exclusion, community cohesion and child related crime. Forbes has provided funding for a week of activities during the summer holidays, funding for a stay safe campaign and funding for the mini bus which takes the boys to matches. 

Blackburn & Darwen Pre Season football festival
Forbes is the sole sponsor of the annual pre season Blackburn and Darwen Football Festival and with the firm’s support the tournament has grown to be one of the largest in the country with over 130 teams taking part over 2 days.

Old Blackburnians Football Club
The firm has been a key sponsor of this local club for a number of years.

To find out more about what Forbes can offer please visit their website at www.­forbes­soli­citors.­co.­uk


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