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Kick it Out need your support

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Professional football clubs across the country support the One Game, One Community weeks of action every year by running events and activities. Now Kick It Out would like to invite supporter associations and fans’ groups to strengthen that backing.

Buddy scheme

If you attend games at your local club and notice seats available, why not take along a friend or colleague who you work with who might not have been to a game before, and share your experiences of cheering on your team the next time you go.

Buy bargain materials

Kick It Out has budget branded materials, including flags, training vests, t-shirts and hats, available for sale. If you want to show your support at a minimal financial outlay, please contact Kick It Out by calling 0207 253 0162 or emailing info@kickitout.org to negotiate cost and discuss transportation of the goods.

Build relationships

Contact a place of worship in your area, such as Temple or a Mosque to establish if members of those communities want to learn more about your club, join a fans' group or attend a fixture.

Consultation group

Gather together a group of fans, or as an association, contact your local club and set up a consultation forum discussing ways of helping the club engage with local communities and vice versa.

Spread the word

Send a newsletter to all of your members and fellow supporters, begin a blog, start a Twitter campaign or add an article on fan’s sites or write a piece for a fanzine about the work of Kick It Out and the support your club plays to the campaign.


Offer to volunteer at your local club by erecting an information stand outside the stadium at their nominated day of action, engaging with other supporters and informing them of the equality events and activities that the club is involved with.  You could also distribute Kick It Out materials on behalf of the club.

This year's weeks of action takes place from 18-29 October. Please click here to visit the Kick it Out website 

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