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Go for Gold!

In 2011, Impact Gold line marking paint received the Queens Award for Innovation, a rare event for any industry but totally unique in the line marking sector.
How was this achieved?

Impact Gold is a ready to use line marking paint. That means it does not require any added water and can be applied to the pitch direct from its packaging. No measuring, No mixing, No pouring and again NO water.

However, the major advance comes in the small amount of Impact Gold needed to mark a football pitch. Just one litre!

How is this achieved? A high level of advanced technology is involved in developing a paint that that requires no added water and, has the ability to over-mark a foot ball pitch from just 1 litre of paint. This required the coming together of experts in formulation chemistry and others who understood the dynamics involved in spray technology. The result was a matching of paint with machine to ensure the very best in the accurate and economical delivery of paint to its target surface.

Because Impact Gold is a ready to use paint, the wasteful use of water is much reduced, a very important consideration during times of shortages. Also, because Impact Gold is rainfast in a very short time and has high levels of ‘stickability’, the lines are not easily washed out and remain for longer when compared to traditional dilutable paints.

Using Impact Gold, the savings on water are significant. A typical football season last 35 weeks and a single pitch marked weekly over this period will consume, when using traditional dilutable paint at least 400 litres of water. Multiply this up by say 100 pitches and the water consumption figures jumps up to a whopping 40,000 litres! Now imagine how many football pitches there are across the UK and what the water consumption would be on such a scale. All these surfaces can be marked with Impact Gold without the need to add water.

The next stage was to identify how alternative paint packaging could be matched to this exciting new paint technology. For decades, line marking paint has been packaged in traditional and environmentally unfriendly rigid plastic containers. These containers are not only cumbersome, take up a lot of storage space but have a major impact on landfill sites.

With the introduction of Impact Gold, it was considered that a form of packaging was required that matched the advanced technology of the paint……on this basis the ‘Paint Pouch’ was developed.

The Impact Gold ‘Paint Pouch’ is a plastic pack made of high tensile strength plastic. The ‘Pouch’ holds 5 litres and when full is free standing. To begin the pitch marking operation, all the operator has to do is unscrew the cap, ‘plug in’ the flow probe and start marking.

This 5 litre pack can over-mark up to 5 football pitches at a time. When empty, all the operator has to do is remove the flow probe and place it in another ‘Paint Pouch’ and continue marking. No measuring, pouring or mixing and, NO mess. At the end of the operation, the operator has just to dispose of the empty Paint Pouches in the normal household waste bin. No expensive collections of containers and the ‘Pouch’ take’s up to 90% LESS area on a landfill site compared to a rigid plastic container

Of course every line marking paint has to have a delivery system. The iGo linemarking machine combines function and form. Attractive to look at, easy to use, effective in its operation.

Again, the characteristics of the paint are matched to those of the machine. A special nozzle was developed to achieve the 1 litre a pitch output, but other nozzles are also supplied with the machine to increase paint output in required. The iGo, though developed with Impact Gold in mind, also offers the purchaser the ability to easily convert to applying traditional dilutable paints as an option. A removable ‘Paint Pod that hold 22 litres of dilutable paint is supplied with the machine. The iGo will securely carry 3 x 5 litre ‘Paint Pouches’ so an operator can over-mark up to 15 football pitches without having to stop for re-fills or returning to a central base for water or fresh supplies of paint. Also, with the use of Impact Gold and the iGO, most operators also return without paint splashes on hands or clothing!

The iGo has some important features. The front disc assembly has pre-drilled spacers to allow quick and easy line width changes. The nozzle assembly is housed behind a front ‘bumper’ to prevent damage. Finger-tip control of a powerful 35 psi pump delivers constant pressure for accurate and consistent lines and an easily accessed battery is removable so it can be re-charged away from the machine. A gold anodised, corrosion resistant frame and quality pneumatic types come as standard.



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