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Football clubs must invest in youth

As part of the Football League's initiative to get the game back on track, Chairman Greg Clarke has expressed the need to home grow new footballers of the future as being paramount to our game.

This season is the first since the radical and controversial overhaul of the youth development system in the Premier League and Football League.

The Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) is a new four-tier academy system where tariffs are set to replace the tribunal system for the sale of home-grown players.

The rule, whereby youth players need to live within a 90 minute radius of the club is to end and there will be increased payments to all clubs for youth development.

EPPP is a Premier League initiative aimed at ensuring the best young players have more contact time with the best coaches.

The new system involves larger payments to Football League clubs for youth development, but there is widespread concern it will lead to the best young talent gravitating towards top-flight clubs.

"There are some issues within it but any major new ambitious programme will have nuances that need to be addressed," said Clarke.

"I'm a big fan of EPPP. Clubs will be investing in the next generation of players to make sure they have world-class skills so they can compete against the Holland’s and Spain’s of this world. This is a major step on that route."


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