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Are Premier league fans taken for a ride?

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This season, Campaign for Better Transport (CBT) is looking at football travel. They want to hear your stories and suggestions, based on your own trips to matches, home and away - in particular by train.
They'll be assessing the Premier League clubs and their local transport authorities to see how they have made match day travel less of a problem for fans and local people alike, and we want to hear the best ideas from other leagues too.

Link to the website to tell them your stories about football travel, and tell us how you think it could be improved. For example:
 •Do your local streets get clogged with traffic and illegal parking on match day?
 •Have you had trouble finding local bus information in a strange town?
 •Would you like to take the train to matches but find the fares too expensive?
 •Is there scope for a new railway station or line to serve a particular stadium?
 •Have you seen cities with clear street signs to show the way to walk from the station?
 •Does your supporters club organise car sharing or coaches?
 •Do any clubs provide information about public transport to the ground along with match tickets?
 •Are stewards able to give you local transport information?
 •Tell us about clubs that provide park and ride buses, and clubs that should!
They want to hear all of your ideas and experiences about getting to football matches when you don't want to drive.

Click here to do the survey:http://­www.­better­transport.­org.­uk/­football

A recent survey showed 47% of fans travel to a game by car but when asked what would encourage them to take the train - the top answer (64%) was cheaper fares.

CBT will be publishing a study and offering recommendations to Premier League clubs at the end of the season.

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