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Why the odds are in favour of Manchester City for the Premier League Title

With both Manchester sides in action today it is surprising that United at home should be 4/11 to beat Everton while title rivals City are 2/7 away at Wolves?

City boss Roberto Mancini has already made noises about plotting future domination over United but you have to feel this is a smoke screen as the investment in the squad cannot justify runners up spot.

Sir Alex Ferguson is a master tactician and bringing back Paul Scholes to steady the ship when City looked run-away winners early in the season has been a master stroke.

The end of a season makes everything feel very short term, as the fixtures run out and games take on an air of finality.

City missing out on the title this season would hurt but they are already planning on how to win it next time.

When the season ends the priority will be to decide if Mancini is the right man for the job.

Man management over the Carlos Tevez affair and then Mario Balotelli, has damaged the cause this season with claims they would not play for the club again.

Mancini team has demonstrated clear progress this season, from a squad capable of qualifying for the Champions League to one capable of challenging for the title.

There is a feeling at the club that Mancini management style need to change to prosper. His abrasive man management has not always worked and he left himself open to accusations of double standards by indulging Mario Balotelli but being strict with other players.

Champions League football has to be the yard stick against which you measure success, Sir Alex has a proven track record and despite the financial shortfall of an early exit this year his bosses have said they will continue to invest. City have bigger pockets but this brings added pressure should Mancini survive the close season.


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