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Social media raises bar for Women's football

Women's football is now the third largest sport in terms of participation thanks to social media platforms such as Twitter. Only men's football and cricket is larger.

In the second season of the Football Association's Women's Super League (WSL) which kicked off on Sunday, eight of England's top female footballers, one from each of the top clubs, wore on their shirt sleeve their Twitter account names.

The new semi-professional league, the top tier of women's football, was launched by the FA last year as a platform to drive forward the women's game and the association claims that it will be spending £3m on promotion in the first three years of the league.

Since the WSL launched, attendances have increased by more than 600%, viewing figures of live broadcast matches, at 450,000, are on a par with those of the men's Scottish Premier League, and the social media channels now attract more than 80,000 followers.


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