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Premier League clubs end games stronger courtesy of the Lab

You don’t all wear the same size shoes, so why should you all drink the same drink? We are all different and our hydration requirements are no different.

Physiological Measurements Ltd, through their highly regarded Lab are delivering yet another groundbreaking product and service. Released in January 2012, Precision Hydration has already made been making big impacts within professional sport. F1, Triathlon, Cycling, Rugby, Athletics and Football to name but a few disciplines are all getting in on the act.

Developed to optimise athlete’s hydration and performance levels, Precision Hydration ensures that athlete’s replace their sodium levels lost in sweat at a level which is specific to them to coincide with the near 10 fold difference between athletes! Without the knowledge of sweat-sodium levels, then developing an effective, personalised hydration strategy is impossible.

What happens when you lose sodium?

Athletes are more prone to muscular fatigue, muscular cramping and reduced mental cognition.
Physiological Measurements are licensed by Precision Hydration to deliver the Testing in Football, Rugby and Cycling as well as being a recognised Hydration Centre which operates out of The Lab. Following in the footsteps of the hugely successful model of mobile cardiac screening pioneered by PML, this is a mobile testing service and induces sweat on the skin at rest, analysing the sample instantly. This unique patented method of testing means that results are less susceptible to evaporation and contamination compared to patch testing and swab testing, and also only takes 15 minutes to complete! Precision Hydration then matches one of their ranges of H2PRO drinks to the specific sodium loss of each and every player – no more guess work!

The level of specificity and personalisation that Precision Hydration provides has given huge benefits to clubs, with over a dozen professional football teams successfully using the system already. With a considerable number of other clubs also looking to utilise the service during pre-season, Precision Hydration will be ensuring that players are in optimal physical and mental condition throughout the season.
With drinks from only 39p each, not only are these drinks matched to individual requirements, they are also cost effective.

If you wish to know more about Precision Hydration or would like to arrange pre-season testing of your players then please contact Ben Drury on 0870 246 1888.

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