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Its not fair that the SFA and SPL are being painted as the bad guys

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Looking at the media response to the Rangers crisis in the last couple of days and you might be led to believe that all this is the fault of the SPL and the SFA. But surely any right minded onlooker can see that their overiding mandate is to protect the integrity of the game north of the border and not the salvation of a single club.

Yesterday, administrators Duff and Phelps were up in arms. They had previously blamed the SPL’s decision to announce a new raft of hard-hitting insolvency penalties for slowing up their attempts to secure a new owner at a critical stage in the process.

And on Monday night they were left reeling again when the SFA’s judicial panel effectively put a pillow over the patient’s face by banning Rangers from the transfer market for 12 months.

A fine of £160,000 was also handed out to the club. The emargo on signing senior players is seen as the main blow to a quick sale though

According to the Daily Record, although Paul Murray and his Blue Knights continue to try to strike a deal in their desperation to save the club there is now no hope of Duff and Phelps being made the kind of ‘unconditional’ offer which they had been demanding just last week.

And joint administrator David Whitehouse pins the blame for that on the SPl and the SFA. But, surely the blame lies at Rangers own door and the fact they have been so badly run in the past. You have to wonder if the furor would have been as noticable had this been Ross County!

Duff and Phelps will appeal Monday’s sanctions but can only do so when they have a full written explanation from the SFA. It is likely the appeal will be held as early as next week. 

In the meantime the blame game seems sure to continue as the futuire of the club hangs in the balance.


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