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Football clubs unfairly treated by ever increasing Police costs

It is not surprising that new research commissioned by the Association of Chief Police Officers claims matches can spark crime and disorder away from grounds.

Football clubs for too long have been at the mercy of Police over paying for officers to be inside grounds that have stewarding to marshal crowds and segregation between both sets of supporters.

Devon and Cornwall Constabulary are backing a rethink of football policing costs despite claims it could drive some clubs out of business after receiving less than £3,000 this season under the terms of its agreement with Plymouth Argyle.

At present clubs pay for the costs of policing inside their stadium but the report suggest external policing costs at railway stations and city centres should be borne by clubs.

Even a relatively low-risk category game can require up to 50 officers.

Sir Brian Mawhinney, the Football League chairman has warned that any hike in charges could lead to clubs folding.

"To put this additional onerous charge onto clubs could push some of them over the edge," Mawhinney added.

"If the Government changes the law it will be a case of those that can afford to pay will, while those who can't will go out of business."

Football clubs pay more than £500million in taxes each year.


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