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Essex referees celebrate promotions

Football News 24/7
Essex County FA Referee Development Officer, James Lisher, claims the 2011/12 season has been “challenging but worthwhile” after the list of locally promoted match officials was released, with 58 referees rewarded for their “determination and spirit” as they celebrated moving up a step for the 2012/13 campaign.

A promotions panel meeting took place on Monday 19th March and scores of Essex referees have since received the news they’ve been waiting for all season as they discover whether they’ve received a promotion. A number of match officials successfully met the required criteria to move up after completing their assessments this year.

Lisher wanted to congratulate the officials on their achievements, stating: “It’s definitely been a successful season for Essex on and off the pitch, despite the concerns of whether we’d cover all our games required with an assessor, which was originally raised during the summer after receiving a greater number of promotion applications than normal.”

“We’ve successfully covered over 300 games at grassroots level and achieved an impressive pass rate of 75% for promotions at Level 7 to 6, as well as a rate of 69% for 6s to 5s. Obviously this couldn’t have been achieved without the support and hard work from our Assessor Coordinators: Dean Savage, Malcolm Pemble, Terry Ripo and Terry Thacker.”

The ‘refereeing season’ runs from the 1st March every year until the end of February the following year, rather than a conventional football playing season. Therefore, any games covered from 1st March 2012 count towards the 2012/13 season, which ends on 28th February 2013 for referees. So, when clubs are playing ‘meaningless’ end-of-season games with nothing to play for, often referees are trying hard for a good start to their promotion season!

In order to be eligible for promotion, referees must currently be a Level 7, 6 or 5, and they must referee adult male or female football. There are various other criteria which must also be achieved in order to be successful, depending on the current level of the referee. Referees who apply for promotion will be advised of these before they start, including the minimum number of games required, the assessments and what qualify as satisfactory club marks.

Two ambitious referees attempted a ‘double jump’ from Level 7 to Level 5, namely Epping’s Gary Mansfield and Donna Nuth from Basildon. They could complete that leap soon after their promotions to Level 6 were completed and the next step to Level Five deferred subject to the completion of further assessments. Ray Wells, from Stratford, made it from 7 to 5.

“Between them the Coordinators have appointed and reviewed all 300 matches, which has been extremely challenging, but worthwhile,” James relayed. “I’d like to thank them all on behalf of the County FA, along with all our active assessors. We have an impressive amount of excellent match officials moving through the system and I’m sure that, with the right support and opportunity, we have an exciting future ahead for refereeing in this County.”

Karen Innes, Secretary of the Harlow Referees Society, added: “We’d like to congratulate all the Essex referees who achieved promotion this season, in particular those who are members of our society - it’s been very well deserved. It is significant that most of the Harlow referees promoted are members of our popular and rapidly expanding society as they will have benefited from the many guest speakers, internal knowledge sharing and the open forums.”

“Our members were recently asked what the benefits were of joining the Harlow Society and feedback has shown that the relaxed friendly environment is top on their list, alongside the equally important support that the Society and its members provide. Speakers at recent meetings have also commented how ‘like a family’ our society is.”

Referees who would like to work towards their promotion during the 2012/13 season must apply in writing, via E-Mail or letter, to James Lisher before Thursday 31st May 2012. James can be contacted on (01245) 393097 or via E-Mail at james.lisher@essexfa.com. Further information on refereeing can be found on www.essexfa.com. For details on the Harlow Referees Society, contact Karen on innes.karen@yahoo.co.uk.


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