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Coventry City face hard times to recover greatness

Coventry lost to Southampton 4-0 on Saturday but it is off the field that the club will be the biggest losers with relegation from the Championship.

Success on the field leads to success off and major sponsorship deals for shirt, stadium and other will reflect League One football. This together with the loss of TV revenue and you can see why teams like Southampton, Leeds and Preston this year struggle to bounce back.

City's commercial director, Justin Tose, has tried to stready the ship saying that claims of an exodus of sponsors leaving Sky Blues following their relegation into League One are false.

The reality is that relegation from the Championship will cost the club millions of pounds worth of commercial revenue.

Coventry are reported that have been paid about £2.3 million from the Football League Pool Account.

League One sides will receive about £650,000 next season.

Attendances will also be lower and season ticket sales and prices could also feel the impact of relegation.

Tosse explained "Our medium-term sponsorship deals remain in place but we understand that the drop into League One could affect new sponsorship opportunities.

"We have already been looking into how League One football will affect the club commercially and that will form part of the review that is going to take place in the next few weeks. Many of our local sponsors and supporters have, however, indicated that they will back the club next season and, indeed, whatever division we are in.

"That kind of support is a huge help as we build for the future."

We wish the once top flight club success as both player wages as well commercial revenue must reduce in League One and a winning start to next season is essential to rebuild confidence.


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