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Chelsea to motor to Champions League final in style

Chelsea are to join forces with Sauber Formula One team to promote the brand into motor racing in a deal that will see the club's logo on the cars next Grand Prix and board advertising for the F1 brand at the ground.

The next race is in Spain on May 13th.
The deal, which co-incides with the Uefa Champions League on May 19th, is aimed at efforts to build the Chelsea brand inter­nati­onally.
Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay said: "This is an innovative partnership that will see a football club link up with an F1 team like never before, bringing together two of the world's biggest sports and uniting our fans.
Monisha Kaltenborn, chief executive of the team, said, “A partnership like this between Formula One and Football has never existed before in this form, yet there are numerous commonalities and possible synergies."
"We are looking forward to exploiting these opportunities, and we congratulate Chelsea on making it to the final of the Champions League.”


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