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Tottenham in a brand of their own

Tottenham may have ambitions to finish in the top four each season, and therefore qualify for the lucrative Champions League on a consistent basis and commercial boss Charlie Wijeranta is looking to build on this through the club's core values of “flair, style and adventure” 

Wijeranta, who joined from Locog last year, aims to differentiate the club brand from rivals through colours, fonts and the tone of voice used in all its marketing materials to increase revenue from sponsors and fans.

The global media exposure the Premier and Champions League boosted Spurs’ revenue last season to £146.3m according to Deloitte, making it the twelfth highest earner in the world and sixth in England.
Wijeranta, who is credited with securing the bulk of sponsorship income for the London 2012 Olympics, believes that there is considerable scope to grow revenue further with several initiatives planned to tap into the Premier League’s popularity in Asia and the rest of the world.

George Moss

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