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Footballnutra case study to improve player performance

Footballnutra, the world’s first football specific nutrition company, will soon be publishing the results of several case studies from teams using Footballnutra products.

The case studies involved several randomly selected semi-professional teams using the products in competitive matches and recording the results. Teams used all the drink and capsule products in the Footballnutra ‘Before’, ‘During’ and ‘After’ system.

Footballnutra products were developed using the latest applied scientific research, but the studies aim to show that this results in a real performance benefit to players on the pitch. Nutrition can help players have more energy in games, recover quicker after playing and maintain their health.

This is the second case study from Footballnutra, following on from the endurance football challenges over the summer, where Footballnutra nutrition plans and almost 4,000 product servings were used to break three world records, including a 75 hour football match.

Over the course of the season Footballnutra will be conducting ‘Position Profiles’ starting with goalkeepers to show players in different positions how the right nutrition can benefit their performance.

George Moss

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