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FIFA boss Blatter distances Platini “deal”

The re-election of FIFA president Sepp Blatter unopposed caused the English FA concern and made many of the organisations sponsors to be concerned with a brand tarnished by controversy.

Blatter has moved swiftly to deny a report that claimed he may end his new four-year term early to make way for UEFA chief Michel Platini, describing the claims as “simply ridiculous”.

Blatter promised to step down from world football’s governing body at the end of his term in office. However, ESPNsoccernet, have stated that “well placed international sources”, reported the president is considering making way for UEFA president Platini half way through his current term.

A source reportedly told ESPNsoccernet: “There is now widespread conjecture within the European game that Blatter won't be able to survive for the full four-year term, which is already designated his last term before handing over to Platini. The suggestion is that some sort of deal is being mooted whereby Blatter goes in two years and Platini takes over. With so much focus on the governance of FIFA, and so many changes being proposed, it would make sense for this change to happen and it would be widely welcomed.”

Blatter denyied on Wednesday that there was any substance to the story. “The existence of a reported 'deal' between me and Michel Platini for the FIFA presidency is pure nonsense,”

“The suggestion that I intend to stop my four-year mandate before its end is simply ridiculous.”

George Moss

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