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English v Scottish FA a search for new blood

Both the English and Scottish FA s are looking for a non-executive director but with different skill sets.
The SFA are looking for candidates with "expertise in finance, governance, legal, [or] sales & marketing" while the FA are looking for a diversity candidate as chairman, David Bernstein, is looking for football to cement its status as a vehicle for social change.

It is also pretty much the FA's last chance to retain the faith of its non white stakeholders. Lord Ouseley, the chair of the FA's race equality advisory group and a member of the FA council, has warned that, if the board does not ratify Bernstein's vision, it would lead to an embarrassing chain of events for the FA.

"At the moment there is goodwill because David Bernstein has worked prodigiously to move in the right direction," Ouseley said. "If it fails, then the people for whom this is important will walk away from the game."

George Moss

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