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YouTube sign Manchester City in ground breaking deal

Many of the Premier league clubs have TV channels but Manchester City is the first to sign a commercial deal with video-sharing website YouTube.

'around 100 videos per month are created by CityTV, the club’s in-house production team, for the official club website http://­www.­mcfc.­co.­uk, which will also be uploaded on to the new YouTube channel.' the club's statement read.

Manchester City head of digital Richard Ayers, commented, "Manchester City is having a phenomenal year of growth and development online. Our goal is to deliver a market leading experience for fans in terms of online video. That means delivering the great content we make to where the audience is – i.e. on YouTube. This deal is the first move in laying the foundations of our syndication strategy and is part of a series of deals to expand our online capabilities.

“The ability to extend our reach and to increase accessibility to audiences is great, but we’re also looking forward to exploring the differentiating factors of YouTube, like using annotations, making bespoke interactive video and, more than anything else, becoming part of the thriving YouTube community.”

The new deal with YouTube will enable the club to control its rights-owned and club-created content.


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