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Tevez affair could be biggest pantomime of season

They say a week's a long time in Politics and that cap fits football so well - as there is more politics with a small p in football than there is in Politics with a big P.

If David Cameron and the rest of the coalition government want lessons on how to manouvre, and out-manouvre the public, and their opponenets look no further than Manchester City.

The Carlos Tevez affair has all the hallmarks of a classic political stand-off. Tevez was bang out of order when refusing to play in the Champions league game in Germany. A bit like one of Cameron's back benchers he refused to tow the Mancini party line. But, Tevez is no astute manipulator of public opinion - because his antics have received almost universal derision from City fans and football fans in general. His fall from grace is dramatic - it's les than six months since he captained City to FA Cup triumph over Stoke City at Wembley to help the Citizens win their first real trophy in 35 years.

That event is history now  such is the unpopularity of Tevez since his split with Mancini. His case is even weaker given that City are playing some of their best ever football since the days of Summerbee, Lee and Bell.

Who needs Tevez? Not Mancini or the fans and that may have prompted an almost 'Pythonesque' response from the Argentinian.

It is reported that Tevez may sue Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini for defamation of character.

On Tuesday, City fined Tevez four weeks wages - about £1m - for what they say were five separate breaches of contract in a game against Bayern Munich.

A club investigation found Tevez guilty of refusing to play in the match.

But Tevez has been advised that Mancini's post-match comments on the matter could amount to defamation.

The player, who has 14 days to appeal to the club board against the charge, continues to assert that at no time during the Champions League match in Germany in September was he told he was to be brought on to play and he is understood to be considering his legal options.

Most fans wish he would consider his moral options instead.



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